When should you contact The GRANTWRITERS?

As soon as you are thinking of seeking funds!

Work with the GrantWriters begins with the development of your ideal program  and ends at the post office.  Using logic and imagination, staff has a keen  ability of sorting out the numerous details of an idea and writing a clear,succinct response.

Projects have focused on a wide-range of public health issues including:

  • access to health care
  • adherence to treatment
  • cancer prevention and control
  • early access to prenatal care
  • family planning
  • health care for the homeless
  • health education and risk reduction
  • housing
  • incarcerated and probationary youth
  • minority health disparities
  • primary and secondary HIV/AIDS prevention
  • risk reduction behavior
  • rehabilitation & reintegration of homeless individuals
  • substance abuse treatment and prevention
  • supportive housing services
  • teen pregnancy prevention
  • tobacco control
  • violence prevention

THE GRANTWRITERS make every effort to provide their clients all the necessary components of an award-winning product.